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vExpert 2015 – From Zero to Hero!


With undisguised pride, inform that I have been honored with the VMware vExpert 2015! This title makes me all the more satisfaction that my adventure with virtualization began relatively recently, from vSphere 5.0 and I do not feel (yet) virtualization guru! This blog was created as an English version of my Polish blog Piszki Lab less than a year ago. Its readership is growing every day what fills me with pride. I hope that everyone find useful information here. Blog stats, from Zero to Hero:


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Author: Piotr Pisz

Computer always, since I got a Commodore 64 at the end of primary school, through his beloved Amiga and Linux infinite number of consoles, until today, fully virtual day. Since 2001, Unix/Linux Systems Administrator, for seven years a faithful companion and protector of Solaris system, until his sad end. In the year 2011 came in the depths of virtualization, then smoothly ascended into the clouds and continues there today. Professionally working as Systems Architect in the Polish Security Printing Works.

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