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Avamar Error Code 10007 (Fatal 16018, Error 9759)


During the backup of virtual machines using Avamar 6.1 began to show errors as post title. Quite by accident, but with the growing trend. On the Internet you can find a lot of information on this topic , but in my case, the solution turned out to be a little different. On the machine which concerned the error, was never made a snapshot and in the folder does not exist delta file (and other eg. 0000.vmdk).



The most important information that can be found is that the Avamar before taking his own snapshot (which makes a copy) queries vCenter for existing snapshots on the machine and compares it with the contents of the folder. If the information is inconsistent, it displays the above error (not even attempt to do snapshot). In my opinion the cause of the error is the same Avamar (or vDP which also is applicable) which creates and deletes the snapshot, probably in the process of performing bulk copy happens that the snapshot files are deleted and the information about it fails to vCenter (or vice versa).

The solution to this problem is fortunately simple, manually perform the snapshot and delete it. As a result of this operation, information about the snapshots are to be in accordance with the facts and Avamar can easily make a copy of the machine. If the problem relates to multiple machines, we can do multiple snapshots to use Orchestrator. For critical equipment can prepare periodic workflows of the creation / removal  snapshots, or perform mass actions like “execution snapshots for all machines in the resource pool and the removal of all existing snapshots”.

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